Announcement for contribution to VAK 2022 A Research Journal of Saurashtra University (Pure & Applied Sciences)

Science continues to evolve and expand. Almost everything that distinguishes the modern world
from earlier centuries is attributable by the developments in Science and Technology. The study
of science is about the understanding the ways and means of nature. Science education is a
fundamental requirement for any modern nation to meet the challenges and avail of the
opportunities of our modern scientific and technological age.

Science is the “nature” itself and doing research in science means exploration and appreciation of
the marvels of nature happening all around us. The institutions therefore must be receptive to the
needs of young and inquisitive minds. They must promote younger talent and allow youth to lead
in academic and scientific endeavours. The teachers and researchers inspire new generations
enlightening the path for our future. Our colleges and universities must may greater attention to
foster a research environment for the motivation of the younger generation. The main aim of
science education must be to attract talents for excellence in research. Our government has
placed the highest emphasis on research in science.

As the basic sciences like Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biosciences expand, they evolve
some more focused areas of interest or applied sciences like Materials Science, Condensed
matter physics, Nuclear Physics, Space and atmospheric physics, Environmental science,
Electronics, Biochemistry, Computer Science, Pharmaceutical science, Geo-science, forensic
science etc. Research in basic sciences and applied sciences must go hand in hand. Research in
basic sciences must be respected and valued just as research in applied sciences.
We know that the aim of teaching science is to help a student to develop inquisitiveness rather
than just memorizing of information of knowledge. Therefore, it becomes imperative for a
teacher to update continually the content of information and exploring new ideas. In depth study
of any subject must culminate in research, creative scientific writing and review article. The
college and University teachers must cultivate a habit of employing innovative teaching methods
propelled by advanced knowledge with novel research ideas.

In view of this, the Honb’le Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) Girish C. Bhimani has decided to relaunch
and activate “Vāk- a research journal of Saurashtra University –Pure & Applied
Sciences”. The Journal will publish original research papers in the field of basic and applied
sciences. The journal will also publish research reviews from eminent scientists to facilitate the
young researchers in their particular field of research. The scope of the journal is to
accommodate vast areas of basic and applied research in the field of science.

“Vāk- a research journal of Saurashtra University –Pure & Applied Sciences” welcomes the
submission of manuscripts of original research papers in the field of basic and applied sciences
that meet the general criteria of significance and academic excellence. The articles submitted to
this journal for publication will be reviewed by the experts in the concerned areas. Original
research papers and review articles written in English are invited from the faculty and research
scholars of the University Post-graduate departments, Post-graduate centres, colleges and
scientists from research laboratories and industries. The Journal will publish high quality
research papers in all areas of basic and applied Sciences including Physics, Space and
Atmospheric Physics, Nuclear Physics, Materials Science, Environmental Science, Medical
Instrumentation, Chemistry, Pharmaceutical science, Bio-Sciences, Geo-Sciences, Mathematics,
Statistics, Electronics and Computer Science, Biotechnology, Food & nutrition etc.

Department: Department of BioSciences