The Great Philanthropist

Late. Dipchand S. Gardi

Full Name: Late. Dipchand S. Gardi
Date of Birth: 25-04-1915
Birth Place: Padhari, Dist. Rajkot, Gujarat State, India
Education: B. Sc., LL. B., Bar at Law -London
Philanthropist Activities: In Education Field :
– He has donated more than Rs. 4 crore to Saurashtra University for building up various Departments, Laboratories, Hostels etc..
– He has donated crores of Rupees in States of India like Gujarat,Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Orissa and Assam.
– Donated right from Primary Schools to Post Graduate departments of Universities.
– He has donated for every faculty of education e.s. Science,Engineering, Medical, Commerce, Match etc..
– He has donated generously for boys' and girls' hostels as well.
For Victims of natural clamities and Sufferers: – During natural calamities he himself visits the sites and donates generously.
– He also works after cattles, birds etc to sustain their lives during Calamities like dranghts..
For unprotected section of society: – He has donated to construct a homeage for elderly people in Rajkot city of Gujarat.
– He donates reguraly to the schools for the Deaf and Dumb and the Home for Orphones.