International Student Cell

International Student Cell (ISC)

The role of the International Student Cell (ISC) is to lead the development of internationalization at the Saurashtra University (SU) by acting as the central coordinator and facilitator of all internationally related initiatives and activities.

ISC is also SU’s organizational structure mandated to develop and implement its policy on internationalization by:

  • Ensuring that internationalization activities contribute to as many as possible of the university’s strategic objectives and by so doing, supporting the core business of teaching and research at SU.
  • Growing SU’s global profile as a research- led, international, Asian university.
  • Bench-marking local needs and global standards for a university.
  • Striving for the integration of the global and local in such a way as to add value to both with international activities enhancing student life and staff development at SU, and incoming international students and staff being integrated into the local environment.
  • Performing a consultative and facilitation role in assisting the university community in negotiating individual, departmental, faculty and institutional linkages using SU sanctioned guidelines.
  • Providing specialist services for international students and applicants.
  • Developing and promoting the concept of “internationalization at home” and ensuring that the entire SU community benefits from the growing internationalization of SU.
  • Seeking, supporting and facilitating opportunities for SU staff and students to experience academic life at international partner universities through mobility exchanges.