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Muni Param Pujya Naypadmasagarji, Maharaj Saheb, the mentor and conceptualiser of JIO with the blessings of Guru Bhagwants had a dream of uniting all Jains under one Umbrella Organisation i.e. JAIN INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATION (JIO), JIO is the Apex confederation of all Jains, spread around the world, having under it sixteen different organisations such as Jain International Organisation (JIO), Jain International Doctors’ Federation (JDF), Jain International Chartered Accountants’ Federation (JICF), Jain International Advocates’ Federation (JIAF),Jain International Women (JIWO), Jain International Youth Organisation (JIYO), Jain International Government Employees’ Organisation (JIGEO) , Jio Civil & Judicial Training Foundation (JCJTC) etc.

This concept of JIO as an Apex Confederation of all Jains and of various organisations representing different segments of Jain population under JIO was crystalized by Sahebji after meetings and deliberations with cross section of society from different walks of life over past many years.With a view to unite all Jain Businessmen and Industrialists (almost 75% of the working population of Jains is engaged in business and industry) in 1999 Shree Jain Vyapar Udyog Seva Sansthan was formed in Ahmedabad. In 2006 the same Sansthan was converted into Jain International Organisation(JIO). The ground work of 20 years carried out by the mentor is now noticed after it became a reality in last 3 years.


JIO intention to create young a generation that would serve to nation to act as a change in the society and provide excellence governance with ethical values by providing Education for Civil Service aspirants. Civil services in India whether at Centre or in Provinces can, without doubt, be regarded as the most remarkable of all the institutions. Along with IAS/IPS or IFS, many other professional and technical all India Civil services, popularly known as Central Services play a very vital role in the administration of various activities in different spheres all over India.Government of India selects through open competitive examinations conducted by Union Public Service commission (UPSC), candidates for its elite central services. Amongst all, civil services examination (CSE) is most popular. Quite often, public in general refer to this examination as ‘IAS exam’.


JIO intends to bring global harmony, peace & prosperity by way of contentment and mutual respect for every living being and strive for a world free of violence, poverty & disease. JIO is committed to building a co-operative environment and social infrastructure for overall growth, development and well-being of communities by improving health, wealth, knowledge and spirituality.

Our aim is to provide fair & optimum opportunities for strong social relationships amongst Jains from all fields.

Create a global awareness about JAIN ethos, values and philosophy of our noble principles, which benefits humanity and our environment.