Computer Centre

Computer Centre

UGC New Delhi has sanctioned Computer Center of Saurashtra University as a Non-Vocational Department in 1988. Center is involved in multiple techno academic activities related to IT, Computer Infrastructure and Communication area as suggested by UGC in its Guidelines. Computer Centre (hereafter referred as Center) sets new goals and tries to achieve it every year.

The objective of the Centre:

“The Objective of the scheme is to set up a computer center as a central facility for the growth and development of teaching, research and other related activities.”  [UGC Sanction letter] 

We strongly believe that technology is for the betterment of mankind it should help people catering its need. Computer Center always works keeping in this mind. Computer Center has worked in the diversified areas like Computerization of Administrative activities from its establishment and still supports these activities.

The computer center has emerged as a core Service department to the university. Computer Center provides various services. It may be Internet service, Communication service, Maintenance service or it may be in the area of academic or research.

Functions of the Computer Centre as per the UGC scheme:

  • To provide a central computing facility.
  • Training and short term courses for student and staff.
  • Assistance in conducting research and analysis.
  • Computerization of university activities.
  • Campus Network and Internet services.
  • Consultancy and contractual work.