Application for the Part Time Sports Trainers

list of the candidates who are coming for part time sports trainers on 10th june

Sachin Bharatbhai Lashkari 7016084962 Male Hockey
Sanjay Bhojiya 9586435888 Male Hockey
Hardik Chauhan 9499790924 Male Athletics
Vinay R Parmar 9979775541 Male Athletics
LAHERU KRINA BHAVESHBHAI 8140371398 Female Athletics
GABU YOGESH RAMJIBHAI +917203915049 Male Hockey
Jagani Kuldeep Rashminbhai 8980970763 Male Hockey
PAWAR SAMELBHAI SHIVRAMBHAI 9427767604 Male Volleyball
Sakariya pravinbhai chandubhai 9723886805 Male Athletics
Dharmendra A Solanki 9824988670 Male Athletics
Dhara Dadhaniya 8160010085 Female Hockey
Vekariya Milan babubhai 8141585711 Male Volleyball
Bhabhor Radha bhurabhai 7211154296 Female Hockey
Babariya Divya prabhudasbhai 9328630382 Female Hockey
JADEJA HARDEVSINH SARTANJI 8780491656 Male Volleyball
BHAVESH PALABHAI AMBALIYA 9712597554 Male Athletics
Chauhan Shubha Rajeshbhai 9879509248 Male Volleyball
Sunny yadav 08735810465 Male Volleyball
Hathila rinkuben bhurabhai 9510461013 Female Athletics
Kishori Sental bhai kalsing bhai  sentalkishori@gmail.come 9664515016 Male Athletics
Anilkumar A. Zapadiya 9377937879 Male Volleyball
Gohel pankaj lakhabhai 8469147154 Male Volleyball
Parmar bhadreshkumar nareshbhai 9870079829 Male Hockey
RATHOD PUNIT BABUBHAI 9427077249 Male Hockey
HARJIBHAI VALABHAI RABARI 9714468580 Male Athletics
Ajaykumar Nareshbhai Raval 9033430840 Male Volleyball
AMITKUMAR RAVAL 9510306161 Male Athletics
baria sandipsinh vijaysinh 9586285304 Male Athletics
SINGH RAHUL AJEET 8347991283 Male Volleyball

 LIst of the candidates coming for walk in interview for part time sports trainers for the gymnastcs, football tennis and rifle shooting on 8th june

Jayeshbhai V Garambhadiya 9723231998 Male Gymnastics
Nimesh bhagvanjibhai bhalodiya 9898388844 Male Rifle Shooting
Pragnesh hanubha barhat 8264900007 Male Football
Kateshiya Divyank Balvantbhai 9824538158 Male Gymnastics
JATIN KISHORBHAI RAVAL 9537754427 Male Rifle Shooting
Parmar Praful 9723179598 Male Tennis
 BHABHOR JITENDRA R 7228038888 Male Football
RAHUL BHARVAD 9725055756 Male Gymnastics
VIRADIYA DIVYESH PRAVINBHAI 7043819201 Male Gymnastics
SUMRA RAMEEZ LIYAKATALI 8200491494 Male Tennis
Valand Sandipkumar 09328242159 Male Rifle Shooting
jadav hemant 8320406773 Male Gymnastics
Pravin Timbal +919601134464 Male Gymnastics
Vineet Jayeshbhai Pandya 7405883813 Male Football
Yash vyas 8154042365 Male Tennis
Hitesh 6353880063 Male Rifle Shooting
Malaviya 7878282852 Male Rifle Shooting
AAMIR SALIMBHAI KOCHALIYA 9033663877 Male Football
Pavan Bhupendrabhai Ramanuj 8733096888 Male Football
Rahul Gondaliya 8160334120 Male Tennis

Saurashtra University, Rajkot

Walk - in - Interview

An application on plain paper invited for Part Time Sports Trainer / Part time Coaches for the tenure of 10 Month. The interested and eligible candidate are required to remain present before selection committee constituted for the purpose under Walk in Interview process. Following are service of for the Morning Session and / or Evening Session required from the candidates.

Sr. No

Name of the Sports and Games

Education Qualification and Experience


Gymnastics / Aerobics

1st choice

P.G. Diploma in Sports Coaching from any recognized Sports Institute or University by UGC

2nd choice

Participated at least two times at national level competitions in relevant sports or games and Bachelors / Masters in Physical Education any recognized Sports Institute or University by UGC

3rd choice

Masters in Physical Education with specialization of relevant sports and games any recognized Sports Institute or University by UGC or participation in national level competitions and / or six-week certificate coaching courses from recognized sports institute or universities or national level participation in particular games and sports.




Rifle Shooting








Table Tennis






Other terms and conditions

  1. Emolument will be Rs. 8000/- per month for the part time service under Fit India Movement for the durations of 3 hours in morning and / or 3 hours in evening sessions for the period of 10 Month at Sardar Patel Sports Complex, Saurashtra university Rajkot.
  2. Selected candidates are not entitled for to receive any other allowances / facilities
  3. Performance will be reviewed for every three months, if anything adverse part time services will be terminated with immediate effect
  4. You shall not conduct or engage yourself in any private tuition or private coaching class in the campus
  5. You are required to give correct mailing address as soon as you join the duties and any change in the address given earlier should be communicated to the university authority
  6. If you are found absent continuously for more than ten days without prior written permission, your part time services shall stand terminated automatically.
  7. If you are found guilty of violation of any terms and conditions, you shall be liable for disciplinary action and punishment as decided by the University Authority
  8. You shall not claim to be a permanent employee of Saurashtra University at any time during the period of this part time services or after termination thereof, in any manner whatsoever.
  9. On termination of the part time services, for whatever cause / reason, you shall hand over the charge of your post to a duly authorized person after clearing all dues, books, apparatus, records and such other articles belonging to Saurashtra University as may be due from you. The University Authority shall issue necessary relieving / discharge certificate only after compliance of this requirement.
  10. After completion of ten months your part time services shall stand terminated automatically. 

Duties of a Sports Trainers and Coaches

                Several obligations or duties have been identified as absolute requirements for Sports Trainers and Coaches. These standards have evolved as a result of various case law proceedings and legal judgments against individuals and College / university. It is important that all Sports Trainers and Coaches, including assistants and volunteers, know and understand the following duties. This is the general duties of Sports Trainers and Coaches who are going for the WZ / NUG / National or International championships in India or abroad, not only P.E. Teacher, coach athletes, manager as well as Head of Delegation also have to follow some duties & responsibilities which are given to them by PES / BoS of Saurashtra University.

 1.           Duty to Plan – A Sports Trainers and Coaches must demonstrate awareness of the maturity, physical development and readiness of athletes with appropriate plans for instruction, conditioning and supervision. 

2.            Duty to Supervise – A Sports Trainers and Coaches must be physically present, provide competent instruction, structure practices that are appropriate for the age and maturity of players, prevent foreseeable injuries and respond to injury or trauma in an approved manner. This duty requires supervisors to make sure facilities are locked and that students are denied access when a competent staff member cannot be physically present to supervise. This duty may also require coaches to control reckless player behaviors. Supervision responsibility also pertains to Sports administrators DPE who are expected to be able to supervise Sports Trainers and Coaches competently. 

3.            Duty to Assess Athletes Readiness for Practice and Competition – Sports administrators, Sports Trainers and Coaches are required to assess the health and physical or maturational readiness skills and physical condition of athletes. A progression of skill development and conditioning improvement should be apparent from practice plans. Athletes must also be medically screened in accordance with state association regulations before participating in practice or competition. 

4.            Duty to Maintain Safe Playing Conditions – Sports Trainers and Coaches are considered trained professionals who possess a higher level of knowledge and skill that permits them to identify foreseeable causes of injury inherent in defective indoor and outdoor facilities or hazardous environments. 

5.            Duty to Provide Safe Equipment – Courts have held athletic supervisors responsible to improve unsafe environments repair or remove defective equipment or disallow athlete access. 

6.            Duty to Instruct Properly – Athletic / sports and games practices must be characterized by instruction that accounts for a logical sequence of fundamentals that lead to an enhanced progression of player knowledge, skill, and capability. 

7.            Duty to Match Athletes – Athletes should be matched with consideration for maturity skill, age, size and speed. To the degree possible, mismatches should be avoided in all categories. 

8.            Duty to Condition Properly – Practices must account for a progression of cardiovascular and musculoskeletal conditioning regimens that prepare athletes sequentially for more challenging practices and competitive activities. 

9.            Duty to Warn – Sports Trainers and Coaches are required to warn parents and athletes of unsafe practices specific to a sport and the potential for injury or death. This warning should be issued in writing and both athletes and parents should be required to provide written certification of their comprehension. 

10.          Duty to Ensure Athletes are Covered by Injury Insurance – sports administrators Sports Trainers and Coaches must screen athletes to ensure that family and/or insurance provides basic level of medical coverage. Athletes should not be allowed to participate without injury insurance. 

11.          Duty to Provide Emergency Care – Sports Trainers and Coaches are expected to be able to administer standard emergency care (first aid, CPR) in response to a range of traumatic injuries. 

12.          Duty to Design a Proper Emergency Response Plan – Sports Trainers and Coaches must design plans to ensure an expedited response by EMS and an effective transition to the care and supervision of emergency medical personnel. 

13.          Duty to Provide Proper Transportation – In general, bonded, commercial carriers should be used for out of town transportation. Self or family transportation for local competition may be allowed if parents have adequate insurance coverage for team members other than their family members.

14.          Duty to Select, Train, and Supervise Coaches – Administrators have responsibility to ensure that appropriate skill and knowledge levels exist among members of the coaching staff to ensure appropriate levels of safety and wellbeing among athletes. 

Department: Physical Education Section