VIDUSHI (Centre for Women's Studies & Research)


         'VIDUSHI' is becoming  active, as an effort  to resolve the problems of women. In the first instance, it will work for   the   women   of   the   areas   believed to  be socially orthodox. In the next step afterwards, it will envisage the problems of the whole woman society. Its initial  focus will be on canvassing and spreading the education  as well as the research. Any activity related to woman empowerment is included in this field. All the matters pertaining to women Education, Health, Social  rights. Financial freedom, House running       Legal awareness will be given priority by "VIDUSHI" To arise the sensitivity in the people regarding these  matters will be the mission of "VIDUSHI"



The core aim of Women's Study Genter is to upgrade the social and economical status of women, along with the allied aims as follows:

(1) To reform the attitudes and beliefs of present society in view of the social  

      status and the rights of women and to make women participate in social, 

      economical and political activities on equality basis and to evaluate their

      contribution in National and International development.

(2) The create awareness in women themselves and men, for full utilization of  

      women's economical, political, social and cultural abilities as a source for

      National developments in view of their equal contribution in National and  

      International development and their social responsibility to do so.

(3) To make the sensitive and aware people meaningfully active with total  

      commitment for resolving the burning social issues and women's development    

      in all the fields with the help of University as a medium.

(4) To prepare the teachers at all levels of teaching process to perform a special

      responsibility so that they may be able to accept the challenges for pushing

      ahead the values of Socialism and Democracy like. eradication of Gender  

      discrimination(Which includes equality). social equality, secularism etc.

(5) To do efforts for getting necessary amendments in the  syllabi  of the

      University the help of which, some conventional beliefs and system of analysis

      can be challenged.

(6) To inspire and encourage various faculties for co-ordination, with reference to

      the activities relied to the syllabus, research and extension so that the studies

      which are fundamentally inter- disciplinary can be benefited.

(7) To spread the result oriented knowledge by encouraging the extensive research activity. By doing so, it will be possible to create a new and up-to-date data which is unavoidable for Formulation evaluation and betterment of development policies.