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The Saurashtra University Library started functioning along with the University in 1967 in a rental building ‘Dharampur No Utaro’. On the 1st Aug 1967 the Library was sifted to another building called ‘Nand Vihar’ in the Jagnath Plot Area. The library was finally shifted to its own newly constructed building at the University Campus on 20th June 1973 with the area of 3056.15 Sq. Mt. Under the UGC-Infonet, the library has free access to around 4600 e-journals adding to the latest knowledge of our students, faculties and researchers.

  • Saurashtra University Library – A Pioneer in Gujarat
  • Using SOUL software in University Library (2001)
  • Introduce of BAR CODE System & Use of Common Campus I-Card (2001)
  • Digitization of research Work (PhD Thesis, 2003)
  • Use of CCTC Camera for Document Security (2004)
  • Toll Free E-Corner for Users (2005)
  • Wireless Access in the Libraries (2008)
  • Access Control System with RFID card (2014)
  • First Time in Gujarat, Saurashtra Uni Organized meet ups to get the best deal directly from the publishers. (2009,2014)

The Saurashtra University Library, functioning with a collection of 3200 books in 1967-68, has presently over 216130 books. The current growth rate is approximately 3000 books per year along with 350 bound volumes and 100 theses/dissertations per year. The Library has classified its collection according to 16th & 21st edition of Dewey decimal classification scheme.

The Saurashtra University Library received a grant of Rs. 6.50 lakhs from INFLIBNET in 1997-98 for automation of Library. At present active collection has been computerized with Bar Coding facility and common campus I-Cards. Internet connectivity of 512kbps has been established in our campus under the UGC-Infonet program. 

An “e-corner” with four systems has been installed for the users. The library is in the process of digitizing the Ph.D. theses submitted here and e-storing them in PDF files which then can be accessed on the intranet on the campus. We have digitized the process with a portal –  etheses.saurashtrauniversity.edu

Recently in the library, 25 closed circuit televisions (CCTV) have been installed for providing the security to the students as well as to the knowledge property