Audit Section


Audit is a process of reviewing official records and determining whether University’s reported expenditures reflect the actual money spent on the ground. Audit refers to the audit based on the laws applicable on the entity for the time being in force.

To monitor the effective and efficient use of financial resources in pursuance with the policies, laws, rules and regulations set by the University/State/Central Government and to control the financial irregularities, the university has up Audit Section.

Excellence in Auditing for the value added strength of the financial soundness of the university is the Primary Vision, and to protect and strengthen the financial transparency and accountability by adopting pre- auditing system is the Primary Mission of the Audit Section.

To provide value added and training services in university, the Audit section organised various staff training at frequent interval to make them aware about the financial discipline and proper application of norms optimizing university fund.

Role of Audit section at a Glance

  • The university has adopted mechanism of pre-auditing process (Standard Audit Operating Procedure) for release of any payment with precaution of avoiding financial irregularities.
  • To prevent reoccurrence of undue and over expenditure and thus saving the funds of the university by way of reduction of cost.
  • Liaisoning with Statutory Auditor i.e. Comptroller and Auditor General, Local Audit Fund and other private Auditors.