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This is the day once again when all thinking citizens must come out of their self and look toward the nation and which direction it is going. Amidst ritualism there has to be a moment’s introspection, because after all it is our strongest identity still although it is being said that we all live in a global village, not simply because we must resist mindless homogenisation but because we are probably the only ancient civilization that has maintained a continuity through the past 4000 years whereas all the rest of the hallowed societies have either become extinct or allowed themselves to be transformed or converted to the extent of having lost all ties with their past traditions. But, although there is much happening in the country today which is unfortunate and sad, I take heart from the fact that I work with the youth of India which has immense potential to turn the tide. The State government too, in its Golden Jubilee year has chalked out an ambitious array of plans keeping higher education and the young talents in mind. It would be the responsibility therefore for someone like me at the helm of affairs with one of the finest State universities in western India to explore and provide the best possible opportunities to the students be it in the matters of their further studies, research or employment. At no point of time in the past ‘knowledge is power’ rang true as it does in our present time. Therefore, it is also the responsibility of teachers like us who have inherited the ancient wisdom of a harmonious material and a spiritual world to steer the youth towards beneficial knowledge which they can then responsibly apply for the betterment of their society and happiness and prosperity for themselves.

Vande Mataram!  

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Dr Kamlesh P Joshipura
Republic Day 2011

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